The Town Hall

Does mailing a postcard seem Old School? How about sending a postcard made by hand using medieval methods? You can’t get any more Old School than that! Sheet by sheet, we carefully craft our handmade paper. It is thick and rich with designs which are letterpress printed into its rough surface. Now that’s not a postcard you would find on every street corner!


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Tallinn’s Town Hall is the oldest town hall in both the Baltic region and Scandinavia as it goes back to the 13th Century. It is also the last surviving Gothic Town Hall in Northern Europe. The weather vane at the top of the Town Hall’s 64 meter tall tower is known as Old Thomas (EstonianVana Toomas) and it became one of the symbols of Tallinn not long after it was first installed in 1530. Dragon-headed gargoyles decorate the side of the building facing the square.

Tallinn’s Town Hall was initially built as a meeting place for its citizens. Later, it was used as a government building, a court, and as an exposition centre to introduce new products. Although Tallinn’s city government used the Town Hall as a office until 1970, it has now become the city’s representational building used mainly for special events and ceremonial occasions.  Together with Tallinn’s Old Town, the Town Hall has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1997.

Our postcards are handmade from 100% recycled paper and printed with our letterpress  on both sides.

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