Which payments do you accept?

We accept payments via PayPal and Estonian bank payments via Maksekeskus.

My country does not permit the import of seeds or product with seeds, can I order your seed paper anyway?

Unfortunately, no. We will not ship your order if we are aware of any prohibition. We however recommend that you check with your local authority when in doubt (your national postal service should provide reliable information) as the import rules can sometimes be defined rather vaugely. Let us know their position on the issue, and if they allow, we will happily ship your order. If not, you can always choose from our range of letterpress products which do not contain any seeds.

How do I grow your seed paper cards?

It is very simple, check our step by step guide here. The main rule is to not let them dry out during germination, as that will kill the seeds and they will not grow again.

My seed paper card did not grow, how is that possible?

It can happen – most likely because it dried out accidentally during germination. Don’t worry, just send us a photo of your (ungrown) seed paper card and we will send you a new seed paper card for free!

I want to order prints and/or calligraphy for a special occassion, how do I proceed?

Have a look through our portfolio to get an idea of what style of work we usually do. You can also read through the order section to understand the possibilities of our workshops and their approximate costs. Get in contact with us to discuss your ideas, we are happy to accept special orders!

How can I register for a workshop?

Have a look at the list of workshops we offer here; when you know which workshop you want to try out, contact us at info@labora.ee or +372 566 756 72.

Follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter to be the first to get information about our one-time workshops!

Can I join your calligraphy school at any point during the school year?

It is best if you register before the start of the school year to be sure you get a seat. If you miss this opportunity, don’t hesitate to contact Tatiana (kirjakool@gmail.com or +372 58 16 84 44), as there might still be a seat free in one of the courses! Beginners as well as advanced students are welcome!

Where can I purchase your seed paper cards and other prints?

We offer the widest selection of prints at our Labora Shop on 18 Vene street in Tallinn’s Old Town, Estonia. Here you can find our seed paper cards, postcards, greeting cards, and larger prints.

Our re-sellers in Estonia:


  • Apollo (Solaris Shopping Centre, Põikmäe 2) – postcards and seedcards
  • Estonian Post (Toompea Post Office and the Main Post Office at Hobujaama) – postcards and seed paper cards
  • Hää Eesti Asi (Viru 23) – postcards
  • Wood and Insects Shop (Masters’ Courtyard, entrance from Vene st.) – postcards
  • Katariina Courtyard (Katariina st.) – postcards
  • Pühavaimu Post (Pühavaimu 2) – postcards
  • Hindricus (Lühike jälg) – postcards
  • Estonian Folk Art and Craft Union (Pikk 22) – postcards
  • St. Olaf’s Church (Lai 50) – postcards
  • Raamatukoi Bookstore (Harju 1) – postcards
  • Estonian History Museum’s Shop (Börsi käik) – postcards and seed paper cards
  • Parliament Shop (Toom-Kooli 5) – postcards and seed paper cards
  • Rode Gift Shop (Pikk 15) – seed paper cards
  • Estonian Museum of Natural History (Lai 29A) – postcards and seed paper cards
  • Les Petites (Telliskivi 60A) – seed paper cards
  • Nu Nordik (Vabaduse väljak 8) – seed paper cards
  • Estonian Design House (Kalasadama 8) – seed paper cards
  • Rikets Flower Shop (Stockmann Shopping Centre, Liivalaia 53) – seed paper cards
  • Krunnipea Boutique (Kaarli 7) – seed paper cards
  • Hortes Gardening Centre (Seljaku 4B) – seed paper cards
  • Sikupilli Lillede Villa (Tartu mnt. 87) – seed paper cards
  • Sidruniga tee (Telliskivi 57) – seed paper cards
  • Cruise Ship Dock – postcards and seed paper cards
  • Puänt Bookstore

Other places

  • Tartu Disainimaja (Kalevi 15, Tartu) – postcards and seed paper cards
  • Tartu University Museum Shop (Lossi 25) – postcards and seed paper cards
  • Slow (Kastani 42) – seed paper cards
  • Kondas Centre (Pikk, Viljandi) – postcards
  • Lossikamber (Lossi 9, Viljandi) – postcards and seed paper cards
  • Leiukoht (Mäe-Liisi talu, Saksi) – seed paper cards


  • Nide Bookstore (Frederinkikatu 35, Helsinki) – seed paper cards