Create something beautiful with your friends!

Learn as much as you want of the unique combination of traditional arts and crafts we offer: printing, papermaking and calligraphy, as well as woodwork, animation and cooking. All of this hidden away inside the walls of Tallinn Old Town in the Ukrainian Cultural Centre. Our team is international, multilingual, skilled, and ready to make your day!

Why visit us?

We teach what we do to spread knowledge of the traditional arts of letterpress printing, papermaking, and calligraphy. We wish to spark confidence in one’s creativity. Having taken part in our workshops, you should leave with the feeling of creative ownership, of having made something worthwhile and beautiful with your own hands. We want to show that working with one’s hands is intrinsically valuable, and that the process and people involved in it are of more value than the result itself.

How can I book?

Choose from our offer for Children & Schools, Adults & Companies, and Tourists. Book your workshop via telephone +372 581 479 18 or email. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your special requests and ideas!