Seed Import Restrictions

To our knowledge aquired from the websites of Omniva and the United States Postal Service it is prohibited to send seeds by post to the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Belarus, Brazil, Guatemala, Israel, Kazakhstan, Russia, Taiwan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, USA, and Venezuela.
Restrictions apply to sending seeds to the following countries:
Plant health (phytosanitary) certificate needed: Argentina, Hong Kong, France, and Latvia.
Restrictions may apply (check with your local authority): Austria, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Ireland, Kyrgyzstan, and Luxembourg.

If in doubt about seed paper shipping restrictions, we recommend contacting your local postal service for further details. We can provide a phytosanitary certificate upon request. This will however take approximately 1 week to process by the Ministry of Rural Affairs of Estonia and cost an extra fee of 20 € per order (imposed by the ministry).

If you purchase our seed paper or seed bombs despite being aware of your country’s restrictions, we hold no responsibility for the consequences. We will not refund orders confiscated by customs or take responsibility for any fine imposed.