Does mailing a postcard seem Old School? How about sending a postcard made by hand using medieval methods? You can’t get any more Old School than that! Sheet by sheet, we carefully craft our handmade paper. It is thick and rich with designs which are letterpress printed into its rough surface. Now that’s not a postcard you would find on every street corner!


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The Cornflower was chosen as our national flower in 1968. Because you can find them growing in fields of wheat or rye, Estonians love these bright blue coloured flowers. After all, rye bread has been Estonia’s staple food for centuries. In summertime, girls seek our cornflower blossoms to plait into their wreaths together with white daisies. The cornflower can also be used to produce a blue die. And if you first let them dry out, cornflowers can also be used in herbal teas. Sadly, these days you will find fewer of these shining blue eyes at the edges of our fields due to the intensity of modern agriculture.

Our postcards are handmade from 100% recycled paper and printed with our letterpress on both sides.

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Weight 7 g

A6 (148 x 105 mm)

Print colour

Black, Blue

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