Pencil Case

Illustrators, artists, and writers of postcards all deserve a very special pencil case in which to keep their favorite pencils and pens. Each and every one of these pencil cases has a unique image and colour scheme.

The series is limited to 40 – once they’re gone, they’re gone!


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The series is limited to forty. Ten of the pencil cases are available on our e-shop, the rest in our Labora Shop at Vene 18, Tallinn.
Printed on 100% eco-cotton fabric.

The artwork Tête-à-Tête Chair: Instruction Manual by Hannah Harkes was printed at Labora in linocut and photopolymer as an edition of 3 in January 2019. Too big to fit through our press, the work was printed in thirty-five segments.
Your pencil case is a proof print of one of these segments.

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