How Can I Help the Environment?

We opened “How Can I Help the Environment” exhibition on the 19th of January and celebrated the occasion with two workshops and cake! Located in front of the Miller Hall on the fifth floor of the National Library of Estonia, it will be open to visitors until the 20th of December 2019.

The two workshops on the day’s programme were of a playful sort. Printing Postcards was definitely the more popular one – who wouldn’t want to print their own postcard? The task was simple – you chose from an array of premade photopolymer printing plates and arranged them onto an A6-sized base. You proceeded to ink them up and then, using a table-top proof press, you printed your design on Labora handmade paper. We hope some of the postcards have already been posted and are on their way to make someone’s day.

The second workshop – Storytelling Keyrings – required a bit more thought. You start out with printing the letters of your name on separate pieces of fabric. To each of these letters you draw a picture of anything starting with that letter. You then assemble the keyring (or bracelet, that’s up to you) and use it to tell a story. We loved watching the process and how deeply kid’s thought about what exactly they would draw to accompany their letters. Plus, the fabric used is reflective, so the storytelling keyring doubles as a safety feature!

A big thank you to all of you who joined us, as well as to the National Library of Estonia for hosting the exhibition and to West Christmas Tree for lending us their adorable baby trees.

The exhibition was made possible thanks to our Creative Makers project, which is now slowly rearing to its end. We’re however positive that the impacts of this 1,5 year long project will continue for the years to come!