Cupcakes and Potato Printing – a Delicious Way to Start our Workshops!

On the 12th of January we officially opened Labora Workshops for Children located at Laboratooriumi 25, Tallinn.

We started at noon with free workshops, during which our visitors could try out letterpress printing, papermaking, and outdoor stop-motion animation. In the second part of the afternoon, we moved down the street to Laboratooriumi 25, our freshly reconstructed workshop space. There we decorated delicious cupcakes using hand-carved potato stamps. We also watched the animations made earlier that day. Küllike played her accordion and our papermaker Mari joined in with the singing of Estonian folk songs. We also listened to two beautiful Ukrainian folk songs performed by the group of Ukrainian children who visited our opening.

One more announcement for those of you who couldn’t make it this time. You are welcome to join us for the opening of our children’s art exhibition on the fifth floor of the National Library in Miller Hall. On Saturday the 19th of January, from 12:00 to 15:00. We will also organize free workshops on the spot.

NB! We remind everybody that the National Library does not require a library card to visit.