Creative Makers Project Starting!

Kids’ fablabs for letterpress & printing inspired by tinkering and making

Labora is taking part in an exciting project promoting letterpress printing! The aim of the Creative Makers (CREAM) project is to create fablabs for children aged 3 – 11; one in each partner’s venue.

What is a FabLab?
A FabLab (fabrication laboratory) is a workshop equipped with flexible computer-controlled tools. This allows anybody to come with an idea for a project or invention and to try it out. They can use otherwise financially inaccessible tools under the guidance of trained professionals. The more commonly used term in Estonia is MakersLab.

Why are you making a FabLab specifically for children?
We want to get children interested in printing. We want children to have the opportunity to learn by doing. We want them to get their hands dirty and experience the feeling of having created something all by themselves.

How will the FabLab differ from Labora’s letterpress printing workshop?
It will offer more than just printing with letterpress. The offered workshops will be an interesting mix of the traditional letterpress technique and new digital technologies.

When will the FabLab be open?
The grand opening will be in early 2019. Test events will however be running already in autumn 2018. Let us know if you want us to keep you up to date with the events!

How much will it cost?
All the events will be free! The project is co-financed by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

Why do we have to wait so long for the workshops to start?
We will spend the first year learning from our partners’ expertise and teaching them ours. Together we will develop workshops for children, business plans for the FabLabs and audience development plans, so that you and your children benefit as much as possible.

While you wait, check out our partners:
Explora in Rome (Italy)
Neapolis in Vilanova (Spain)
National Print Museum in Dublin (Ireland)

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Article about the project in Eesti Päevaleht (17th November 2017)