Call for Course Participants: Calligraphy, Paper, and Letterpress Interact


Labora workshops are a place where calligraphy, papermaking and letterpress printing meet and interact. Join us for a week of learning and experimenting with all three of them! Special focus will be given to calligraphy under the instructions of Brody Neuenschwander. You will have the opportunity to make paper by hand and print with letterpress. There will also be an excursion through Tallinn Old Town and a visit to the Estonian National Library to admire the works of Villu Toots.


In this course we will take a further step from the experimental writing done in “The Calligraphic Line, Part One”.  Using a variety of tools, we will investigate the ability of calligraphy to express emotions and to draw inspiration from nature. There will be a series of exercises in which “wrong” letters will be made; and other exercises morphing one word into another.  We will look at modern conceptual art and attempt to understand the strategies used by contemporary artists who employ text.  In this way we can import artistic concepts into calligraphy and, I hope, bring calligraphy a bit more into the modern era. 

Guest calligraphy master: Brody Neuenschwander
Papermaking master: Nestor Ljutjuk
Letterpress printing masters: Hannah Harkes and Nestor Ljutjuk


Location: Labora workshops at the Ukrainian Cultural Centre in Tallinn Old Town, Estonia
Dates: 20 – 26 August 2017
Start: 20 August evening (depending on the participants’ arrival times) with a tour of the Ukrainian Cultural Centre and the Labora workshops in which we will be spending the whole week.
End: 26 August late afternoon (depending on the participants’ departure times).


Language of instruction: English (with the possibility of ad hoc translation to Russian)


Accomodation: We can provide a simple but cosy accomodation with a shared sleeping space, kitchen, and bathroom for a limited amount of people. There are 3 double beds and 1 single bed available. The price is 10 EUR per person per night. Reserve a bed when applying for the course – first come first serve.


Apply via:
Price: 480 EUR (to be paid in 2 installments by 31 July 2017)
The amount of places in the course is limited to 16. Send us an e-mail to apply. We will reserve a place for you until 30 June 2017. Your reservation will be confirmed via e-mail when the first installment of the payment is received.


Payment via bank transfer:
Tallinna Paberikoda OÜ
SEB bank: Tornimäe 2, Tallinn, Estonia
Note for bank transfer: Name – calligraphy August

Paymet via PayPal is possible – contact us via e-mail for a payment request.

We look forward to seeing you at Labora workshops in Tallinn!
To keep things simple for us, please write to us in English if possible!